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Mens Crew Neck Donegal Pullover

Product no.: 000061

Mens Pullover from  100% Donegal Tweed Wool.

Available in Charcoal,Green and Silver Grey.


This Timeless Donegal Knit Pullover with its classic Roll Neck and Cuffs

makes the perfect Traditional Pullover for the Modern Man

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Merino Ribbed Shawl Cardigan

Product no.: 000010

Ribbed Shawl Cardigan

Made from 100% Merino Wool

This Shawl Cardigan is knit using the very traditional ribbed stitch,however  the

Shawl Cardigan Design ,antique look Buttons and Patch Pockets make it a very fashionable Garment.

Colours available:Oatmeal Nep and Charcoal

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Mens Hooded Coat

Product no.: 000011

Made from 100% Merino Wool

This Men's zip hooded coat with patch pockets, is knitted using a combination of honeycomb aran pattern on the body of the coat and criss- cross cable stitch on the shoulders of the garment giving the coat a masculine shape. The hood is also knit using the traditional honeycomb pattern which compliments the body of the garment.  This coat is a relaxed fit and ideal addition to any wardrobe.

Sizes Available:Small -2XL

Colours Available: Charcoal and Oatmeal


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Donegal Half Zip Sweater

Product no.: 000016

Made from 100% Donegal Wool.

The Yarn used is spun in the famous Donegal Yarns Spinning mill in Kilcarra,County Donegal,Ireland.

The Wool has fleck throughout which gives it it´s very own special character.

Colour:Sea Blue,Green und Charcoal 

94.99 *
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New Shawl Zip Neck Sweater

Product no.: 000009

Made from 100% Merino Wool

This Men's Irish sweater has been given a modern twist with the addition of a side zip closing and tan leather zip pull on the shawl collar.  The plain knit used on the shawl collar compliments the many different traditional aran cable stitches and diamond stitches used throughout the body of the sweater.  

Colours Available: Oatmeal Nep & Thundra

Sizes Available: Small - XXLarge


104.99 *
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Celtic Jacquard Half Zip Sweater

Product no.: 000003

Made in Ireland from Westend Knitwear/Aran Crafts from 100% Merino Wool.

The Celtic Jaquard design across the centre of the chest and arms is the striking feature of this Mens Sweater.

The Pullover has a half zip design with leather Pull.

99.99 *
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Carraig Donn Aran Sweater

Product no.: 000034

Traditional Aran Sweater from Carraig Donn (now known as Aran Woolen Mills).

 Available in Oatmeal ,Storm Grey and White

Made from 100% Merino Wool

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Merino Aran Pullover

Product no.: 000079

Aran Sweater made from 100% Merino Wool.

Available in Green and Blue

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Donegal Curl Neck Sweater

Product no.: 000008

Made from 100% Donegal Wool

This men's sweater is made from 100% Donegal wool which is spun in our spinning mill in Co. Donegal.  The Donegal wool has fleck throughout.   Traditional style sweater with curl neck detail.

Colours Available:  Navy

89.99 *
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Irelands Eye Half Zip Pullover

Product no.: 000022

Men's Half Zip Sweater from Irelands Eye with contrasting colour inside the collar

Made in Ireland of 100% New Lambswool.

Very soft and stylish wool sweater with zip. 

Natural, organic & easy-care Lambswool

Colours available:Charcoal and Blue Stone

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Fishermans Crew Neck Pullover

Product no.: 000020

Made with 100% Pure Wool.

The fishermans rib sweater is knitted using the traditional rib stitch. The rib is knitted using a large stitch pattern and therefore this garment is exceptionally warm. This is where it gets its name from. As in the past, fishermen would have used this garment while out on the rough seas.

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Mens Aran Cardigan

Product no.: 000021

Men's Cardigan by Aran Woolen Mills

Made from Pure New Wool

With stand-up collar and zipper.

Colors.Charcoal and Oatmeal (Beige)

Sizes: S to 2XL

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Celtic Wool Troyer

Product no.: 000027

Celtic Troyer Pullover from Aran Woollen Mills.

Made from 100% New Wool.

Typical Celtic Design.

Available in Charcoal/Grey mix

94.99 *
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Crew Neck Heavy Weight Sweater

Product no.: 000017

Made from 100% Merino Wool

Crew neck merino wool heavyweight sweater, This Aran sweater is ideal for rugged outdoor activties.  Warmth is the key for this stye amd made with 3 ends of wool. Its knit using a combination of traditional Aran stitches, the Trellis stitch down the front and back of the sweater and incased on bottom sides with a mix of cable and honeycomb sitiches.

Colours Available: Natural, Army Green & Cormonant Blue

Sizes Available: Small to XXLarge

99.99 *
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Fishermans Rib Half Zip Sweater

Product no.: 000031

Made from 100% Merino Wool

The Fisherman Rib Merino wool sweater, is knit using the traditional rib stitch pattern.  The rib stitch pattern was traditionally worn by Irish fisherman when out on the rough seas of the wild Atlantic.  Features half zip design with leather pull and the main feature of this beautiful men's sweater is the colour contrast on the inside collar.  It is knit using a complimentary colour to combine this classic sweater with contemporary taste.

Colours Available: Oatmeal, Cormorant Blue, Peacock Green

Sizes Available: Small to XXLarge 

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Mens Full Zip Cardigan with Pockets

Product no.: 000048

Made with 100% Extra Soft Merino Wool.

This mans cardigan comes to you in stylish charcoal marl und Oatmeal, and is made from 100% merino wool. It has pockets on the front and a full length zip. Aran Craft have cleverly used traditional stitches in this mans zip sweater making it stylish and warm. A must for every mans wardrobe.

Colours Available: Charcoal Marl & Oatmeal 

Sizes Available: Small to XX-Large

99.99 *
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